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1. Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

A clear and declutterd space helps you with calming your mind. When all tasks are done and no more disturbing stuff is in your way, your mind is also allowed to settle.

2. Create a Sacred Space

To create a sacred space at home you gather all your favorite items from travels, vactions, antique market finds, pieces that mean sth for you, presents from family members, dear friends etc and put them into one special place in your home. Make sure, that to the times you wanna be not disturbed, noone of your Household can disturb you in your sacred home retreat Ashram. Communicate the Hours that you wanna spend alone or in meditation or yoga in your pecial sacred space. Candles, insents, difuse light and Crystals can help with putting up a sacred space at home. Espacially now in Corona times this idea to set up a home ashram is perfect for anyone, who misses traveling on Yoga and Meditation retreats.

3. Work out an ashram rountine

Plan your home ashram retreat. Set hours and stick to it. Typically for an Ashram rountine is to wake up early, meditate, have breakfast, read or do selfcare, then have lunch, resting or reading time, do some yoga practice, meditate and then fast your dinner. Go early to bed. Also typically would be, not drinking or smoking.

4. Fast dinner and start interval fasting

You will experience the benefits of interval fasting, if you combine them into your home Ashram routine. When I lived in Thailand in a monestary in the mountains and did a Meditation retreat I wondered in the beginning how I could survive, if I only will eat at 07 am and at 11 am and the rest of the day, that means 19 Hours later have the next food. Surprisingly it worked out amazing! I wasnt that hungry, as I thought and my body and mind and my thoughts felt very light. This is an extreme way of Living, but there are more common ways of doing interval fasting. For example: 8/16, that means you eat in that 8 hours a day and in the 16 hours you dont. or 5/2 you eat on 5 days and on 2 you dont.

Corona times or not, making your own home to an ashram and treat yourself with a home yoga and meditation retreat is always a good option, if you cannot or dont want to afford to go on a Yoga retreat. It is easy to set up and easy to follow. Once you got an idea, it is easy to stick with it. Enjoy your home ashram!

Have a wonderful day, your Yoga with Tosca


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